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Names of Al-Quds

  1. JEBUS: It was given this name after the Jebusites (the first inhabitants of the city) almost 4500 years ago. The Jebusites descended from the first Arab tribesmen in the Arab Peninsula. During their rule, the Arabs Canaanites flooded into the city during the year 2500 B.C.

  2. URSALEM: It is the Canaanite name of the city given after god (salem) or the god of peace. This name has been frequently mentioned in the old Egyptian writings known as “Tal Al Amarna Letters”. The Torah has given several names to Jerusalem including “Shalim”, “The city of God”, “The city of justice”, “The city of peace”, and sometimes “Jebus” or the city of “Jebusites”.

  3. DAVID’S CITY: When the city was conquered by King David in the Year 1000 B.C, he gave it this name After “Jebus Castle", named afterwards “Zion Castel” and then “Acre Castle" during the solokian era, and David’s Castle or David’s City.
    When King David conquered the city, the majority of its inhabitants were Jebusites, Canaanites, Ummarites, and Falestinites.

  4. AELIA: The city was occupied by the Romans during the year 63 B.C. The invasion was led by the Roman Commander Bombi, but the city was cmpletely destroyed by the Roman emperor Hadrianos in 135 A.D. and built over its ruins a Roman Colony named “Aelia Capitolina”.
    “Aelia” continued to be the name of Jerusalem during the era of the Byzantines and the Persians who captured it for the second time during 614 A.D. until the Romans recaptured it in 627 by Hercules. The city kept its name until the Islamic era.

  5. AL QUDS: The city continued to be named Aelia even after the Arab Islamic restoration of the city by the Caliph Omar Ibn Khattab, and up to 216 Hijra year when the Abbaside caliph Al Ma’mon named it “AlQuds” or “Beit Al Makdis” (means the home of holiness) during his first visit to the city.

  6. Al QUDS AL SHARIF: The Ottomans gave this name to the city after capturing it from the Mamelukes in 922 Hijra year (1516 A.D.).