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In the last few decades telecommunication has a rapid development. In most times this was a result of the competitive space race, which began when Russia put its first Sputnik into space in 1957. Since then the telecommunication has taken a quantum leap forward. Nowadays telecommunication becomes an essential part of everyone life. It makes the world as a small village, so the worldwide demand for new and efficient means of communication increases.

Meteor burst communication provide a relatively new mean of communications that use the ionized trails created after the burn of the meteors particles when they enter the earth atmosphere. It offers a significant opportunity for having an inexpensive communication system, and overcoming many of the limitations of existing systems. The importance of the meteor burst communication rises in poor and developing countries because of its low cost and simple technology needed. It also provides some interesting advantages over other systems, including lower susceptibility to atmospheric perturbations, a limited footprint, and avoiding the congestion that currently exists in conventional

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